Svenstorp Farm


Stay comfortably in a residence built 2011.

Book a residence for the large family.

Book two and bring your friends.

Enjoy peace and silence.

Simmental cows with calves, forest, walkning, close to fishing and golf.

Svenstorps Farm:

10 minutes to Sösdala

15 minutes to Tyringe

Live in a large apartment with 89 square meters.


The modern kitchen is the heart of the apartment. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms you live comfortably with the forest around the corner. A large livingroom with fireplace for pleasent company.




Carl´s Chamber


Live in a spacious apartment with 62 square meters.


The apartment has a practical and modern kitchen. With 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom a small family lives comfotable.







Tradition och innovation

in the heart of Skåne woodlands

Welcome to the forest

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(56.0744, 13.6090)

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Carl-Gustaf & Anna-Carin Nilsson

Matteröds Svenstorp 2733

282 91 Tyringe


+ 46 (0) 703-21 25 24

+ 46 (0) 70-277 87 30


Website: www.svenstorpsgard.se

E-mail: info@svenstorpsgard.se